Meet the Team

Wondering if we’re actually real people? We are! Sure Languages is a small but powerful team, comprising our founders, Paul and Francesca (based in sunny Devon), our project managers, Matt, Rhys and Louise, and our customer success manager, Frankie (all based in the chillier but beautiful Edinburgh). Plus, of course, our extensive network of professional freelancers! Read on to meet the Sure Languages team:


Co-founder of Sure Languages. Wears many hats, including project management, finance, strategy, and generally holding everything together. He’s taking a step back in 2022 to travel part of the world in his motorhome, with his partner Sarah and their dog Hugo. When he’s not working, Paul is most likely to be found playing tennis, road cycling, or out kitesurfing.


Other co-founder of Sure Languages. A native Italian, Francesca worked as a freelance translator in Italy and the UK for many years before founding the company with Paul – so she really knows the translation industry. As our resident polyglot, she speaks Italian, French, Spanish, German and English. Francesca currently works part-time from her home in Devon, where she and her partner are renovating their house, and raising three young children (phew).


Senior project manager. Started out in the Devon office and then re-located from Exeter to Edinburgh with his partner (also called Sarah). And that was how Sure Languages Edinburgh came to be! Matt is in charge of all things project-based, and is normally managing multiple projects at once, at a speed the rest of us can barely match. He speaks German, French, some Korean, and is “a bit addicted to running”. (Translation: runs ultra-marathons at the weekends.)


Project manager. Rhys joined Sure Languages during lockdown number 1, so he started out remotely and had to learn the business from home – he’s pleased that we’re now back in the office! He lives down at Edinburgh’s riviera (Portobello beach), and speaks Russian, German and ‘secret’ French (claims he doesn’t, but we know he does). Resident office singer/DJ, with impeccable taste in French pop music and strong Eurovision knowledge. Always to be found reading interesting books. (As seen below, with Louise and Frankie). 


Project manager. New to the team as of 2021. Louise is originally from Strasbourg, France, but has lived in New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Italy and now Edinburgh. She speaks Italian, French and English, and some Czech. When not at her desk, she’s normally to be found out and about exploring Scotland, trying out Edinburgh’s best vegan food offerings, or doing something arty and creative. (When she is at her desk, she may be eating pasta, especially if it’s breakfast time.)


Customer success manager. Also new to the team as of 2021. Frankie is from Dorset, England, but came to Edinburgh to study and never left. In charge of company social media, content for the website (she’s writing this right now!), account management, and a few other bits and bobs. She speaks English, French and Spanish, and aspirational Italian – i.e. would like to learn it but hasn’t got round to it yet. Most likely to be found swimming/surfing in the freezing Scottish sea, out hiking, or attempting to stand on her head (she’s also a yoga teacher).

Translators & interpreters

Now for the really important people: some of our freelance translators and interpreters. These are the hard-working linguistic experts who make sure our projects are word-perfect. They’re all native speakers of their target languages, with many, many years of experience between them. And some of them have some pretty interesting hobbies on the side, ranging from rap singing to scuba diving –

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