Translate a Word File

If you use a computer, the chances are you’ve used Microsoft Word. Many of us have been using MS Word for years – decades even! – but there are still some important things to be aware of when getting Word files translated.

Here are our top 5 customer considerations when getting Word files translated:

Make sure it's final

Adding in sentences, editing content and making changes once translators have started makes things more costly, and slows things down.

Think about file types

Word files come in various different formats, such as doc, docx, rtf, dotx, docm, and a few others. All of these files types are fine for translation. Word can also save files as PDFs, which isn’t ideal for translation. Where possible, please send the editable files.

Make sure it's clean

Is the file clean, with all tracked changes removed? Tidy the file before you send it for translation, as comments could cloud things for the translator.

Don’t worry about duplicate content

Customers have been known to remove all instances of duplicate words or sentences. You don’t need to do this. Our systems will identify duplications and repetitions, and the price is adjusted so that you don’t pay over the odds.

Consider text within images

Are there images in the file that contain text? If the text isn’t selectable and you need it translated, please add it to the document. We can then ensure it’s translated.

Once the file is ready for translation, just send it to the team and we’ll work our magic!

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