Translate a PowerPoint File

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations can make or break your pitch, and you probably spent hours perfecting the font, the images and the layout of each slide. If you now need your PowerPoint presentation translated into multiple languages, there are a few things to think about:

Finalise your slides before translation

Make sure you send us the final version of your PowerPoint file for translation. Late-stage add-ins or changes to your slides will delay the translation process, leaving more room for error and creating costs that could be avoided.

Ensure your slide deck is clean

Any comments or feedback within the PowerPoint file should be actioned and cleared before it goes off for translation. Taking care of these will save us a lot of time once we receive your files, meaning you’ll get your translations back more quickly.

Tell us which slides need translating

It’s really helpful for us if you make it clear which slides you want translated. This means we won’t have to bother you with questions later! You can also hide any slides that you don’t want us to work on.

Think about images and tables

Does your Excel file contain text or tables in un-editable image format? If you need this content translating, make sure you add it to the slide as text we can highlight and translate.

Don’t fret about repetitions

We’ve occasionally known customers to delete any repeated words or phrases in their files before sending them over. There’s no need to do this, as our technology automatically recognises repetitions, meaning you pay less for them.

A note about notes

Presenter notes, usually in the section below each slide, are often detailed and packed full of information not visible in the presentation. Translating them will bump up the costs, so let if you don’t need them and we’ll make sure they’re excluded.

When your PowerPoint file is ready to be translated, send it over to us and we’ll get things started.

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