The SL Client Portal: making translation orders quick and simple

At Sure Languages, we recognise that our clients have busy work schedules and ordering their translations may be one small task on a very long to-do list. The SL team is always looking for ways to simplify our processes and ease the strain on our clients, while retaining the personal, human touch on which we pride ourselves.

That’s why we’re delighted to offer the SL Client Portal – a centralised location for requesting quotes, submitting orders and checking on a project’s progress.

Reasons you should use the SL Client Portal:

The portal keeps a record of each phase of the project, enabling you to track your translation at every stage from request to final delivery.

Tired of searching through email chains to find those files that needed to be translated? We know the feeling! With our client portal, all files relating to the same project are stored in one place and are easy to access.

We love interacting with our clients, but for the days when your to-do list is seemingly endless, you can give us the go-ahead on a quote with just one click in the portal, meaning one less email to send.

The portal is password-protected, adding an extra layer of security to your file sharing when compared with email. This makes the portal particularly suitable for files which are highly confidential or sensitive in nature.

Ordering a translation? Done – that’s one less thing to worry about!

And some more reasons:

Had enough of navigating file sharing sites when your file is too large to send via email? The portal allows you to upload your files regardless of their size or format; the days of frustrating email error messages and ‘failure to send’ notifications are truly over.

Any glossaries and style guides you use can be saved to your profile in the portal, giving you an extra degree of confidence that the tone and style of your brand will be consistently conveyed in each translation we provide for you.

For clients who have multiple ongoing projects with us at any given time, the portal provides you with a much-needed overview, allowing you to keep track of where we’re at with each project. Similarly, all invoices are saved in the portal so you can view them at any time and export to Excel for your accounting purposes.

Ready to give it a try?

Get in touch with the team, and we’ll get you set up!

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