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Translation helps give charities and NGOs a global reach. Your charity, or your NGO, is doing great work. Your website, social media campaigns and educational programmes are reaching people all over the UK, and English speakers across the world. But what if translation could be the key to giving your message a global impact?

Localisation builds trust

By translating your content into the languages of the people you most want to reach, your charity or NGO is more likely to capture global attention. Our translation services will also enable you to localise your content into regional language variants. Again, this is crucial to building trust with the people you’re hoping to connect with; whether they’re in Burkina Faso, a remote Nepalese village, or a bustling Argentinian city.

Consistency, whatever the language

All you need to do is provide us with the source material and tell us which languages you need – and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll take the time to fully understand what you’re hoping to achieve with your translated material, and then we’ll find the best translators for the job. 

You can rest assured that your charity or NGO’s brand or message will remain consistent across multiple languages. This will help to build further trust with your target audience – and if you need to add extra languages at a later date, we’ll make sure this consistency is retained. 

Communication is at the heart of what we do, so we know how important it is for your charity or NGO to have a consistent presence and voice across countries and continents.

Save time, money and effort

By letting us handle your translation projects for you instead of trying to juggle them in-house, you’ll save time, money and effort. Our translators work with the latest translation memory (TM) software. 

TM software is not the same as machine translation, which you may have heard some horror stories about! Our professionally trained translators work with TM software to preserve the formatting of your content, but most importantly to identify repetitions within the text.

Repeated words are (almost!) free

These repetitions don’t count as ‘new words’, meaning you won’t be charged for re-translating them. We check the words are correct in context, so there is a small charge, but savings are significant. Also, the translation process will be faster, because the TM software will automatically recognise these repetitions. But don’t worry, our eagle-eyed translators and proof-readers will check these repetitions to make sure they are the right translation for the context. All content that you share with us for translation will of course be treated in the strictest confidence: translation memories are securely stored on our servers.

Pay less than everyone else

As an NGO or charity client, you’ll save about 10% on your translation project compared to our regular clients. We offer this discounted rate because we know your budget has to stretch in all kinds of directions, and we want to help you get your message out to as many people as possible.

Our senior project manager Matt Bird says:

We want to make translation available to as many charities and NGOs as possible, which is why we offer a discounted charity rate. The work is fulfilling for us, but more importantly, we’re helping charities and NGOs reach people across the world.

The more you need, the more you benefit

Because we use the most up-to-date translation technology, we are constantly improving and updating our translation processes. The more translations we do for you, the bigger the database of translated content we will have for you. This means you’ll save money for every single repetition across multiple projects – and that we’ll be able to turn projects around faster for you.

Oxfam makes big savings

Oxfam is a long-standing client of Sure Languages and has entrusted us with many large projects. One particular project consisted of multiple documents totalling 300,000 words. 

By using TM software, we found there were lots of repetitions across the files. This reduced the number of ‘new words’ for translation from 300,000 to 210,000 – which saved Oxfam £9,000! 

We were also able to use translation memory content to save another £6,000. We ended up saving Oxfam £15,000, and reduced the total turnaround time of the project by 75 days. 

£15,000 saved

75 days saved

This is what Oxfam had to say about their experience on this project:

We had a huge, very complex translation project, with a tight deadline. But thanks to Sure Languages’ expert approach, we were able to save a lot of time and budget, whilst ensuring consistency throughout the project, as they built and applied translation memories with previously translated content.

We value your values

The same core values that underpin your charity or NGO will direct the way we manage your translation needs. If you need sensitive or confidential information translating, you can trust us to handle that information with the utmost care, and to ensure the right translators work on the material. If you’re working on a gender equality or anti-racism campaign, we’ll make sure your message is accurately and sensitively conveyed to your target audience.

For example, we work with inclusive writing for English to French translation for several charities. We have specific translators who we trust with French inclusive writing projects: see our article on the subject here!

Size doesn't matter, but you do!

We’re a small and tightknit team, and we’re proud of the working relationships we’ve built with our clients and translators. With big faceless translation agencies, you might never get to talk to the same person twice – which means you’ll forever be explaining what your charity or NGO does, and why it needs translation. 

When you work with Sure Languages, you’ll be assigned to one of our knowledgeable, friendly and experienced project managers, who will maintain regular communication with you throughout the project. Your translation project will be in the safest of hands with us, and you can drop us an email or give us a call whenever you have a concern or a query.

What do you want to say to the world?

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