Essential translation hashtags

If you’re in the translation business and on social media, you’ve probably come across the various translation hashtags used in the sector, such as #translation, #localisation and #translators, but are there others you should be using?

You might have also seen some of the shortened versions of these hashtags on Twitter – a nifty way to get around the character limit. But they can be confusing and even a bit alienating. So here’s our quick guide to help you know your #i18n from your #L10n.

#t9n = translation
#xl8 = translate
#L10n = localisation
#i18n = internationalisation
#g11n = globalisation
#1nt = interpretation
#CAT = computer-assisted translation
#MT = machine translation
#NMT = neural machine translation
#t9y = terminology

If you want to reach out to a particular sub-sector, such as medical, technical or literary translation, simply use: #medxl8, #techxl8 or #literaryxl8.

Now you’ll never miss a tweet in the translation Twittersphere!

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