Making legal translation easy

Whether you’re a family law firm requiring documentation for an ongoing court case, a manufacturing company with a tender contract or an individual applying for a visa, translations of a legal nature are our bread and butter at Sure Languages.

Working with more than one language introduces shades of meaning and new linguistic possibilities to any text, making all translation complex to some degree. However, legal translation is particularly demanding, and requires a rigorous approach to find precisely the right words in the right context.

Below are some of the reasons why our legal clients choose Sure Languages for their translation needs:

Native-speaker linguists with legal expertise

From European to Asian languages, our legal linguists have specialist expertise and qualifications in legal translation. They have many years of experience translating legal texts, and they’re fluent in one of the hardest languages to learn – legal terminology!

As with all our translators, our legal linguists are happy to put in the graft when it comes to researching new terminology and concepts. This enables them to provide high-quality and accurate translations on every occasion. And of course, we check and proof-read everything meticulously in-house before sending it back to you.

We provide certified translations

Whether a birth certificate or a contract, a power of attorney or a witness statement, translations often require certification to be used in legal contexts. At Sure Languages, we understand it can be stressful when you realise that you need a certified translation of your document, as you may have no previous experience of sourcing certified translations.

Don’t panic, we’ve done it all before, and we can take all the hassle out of it for you! As members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, Sure Languages has the professional credentials to certify translations for our clients. It’s quick and easy to order a certified translation through our website, and you’ll receive a digital copy of your certified translation in only a few days.

Fast turnaround times

Many of our clients work to hard, non-negotiable deadlines. This is particularly true of our legal clients, whose court dates often hinge on accurate translations being swiftly and readily available. At Sure Languages, we understand this. That is why we work tirelessly to deliver all legal translations quickly, while never compromising on quality.

Most importantly, we ensure that timescales quoted to our clients are realistic and honest. If you tell us you need a legal document translated as quickly as possible, we’ll be honest about whether we can deliver it within your required timeframe. This avoids any last-minute let-downs and takes the stress out of translation, so you can focus all your energy on your clients.

Value for money, industry-specific rates

At Sure Languages, our fees are tailored to the legal industry and our rates for legally aided clients conform to guidance from the Legal Aid Agency. For more information about this, please get in touch with us here.

Our translation memories are a further money-saving tool for our clients. You can read more about how these work here. Translation memories are helpful in ensuring consistency across translations completed at different times – in an ongoing court case, for example, which may have numerous documents for translation at various stages of the legal proceedings.

The Sure Languages team

While our translators are our most valued asset at Sure Languages, we recognise that they are only half of the story.

From your first point of contact with us, you will work closely with one of our experienced in-house project managers, who will guide you through the order process for legal translation from start to finish. Your dedicated project manager will take the time to understand all your legal translation needs, and to discuss any particular requirements in terms of vocabulary and terminology.

Need your legal document translated into multiple languages? No problem. Working with our specialised legal translators, your project manager will ensure the tone, style and terminology of your document remains consistent across all your translated content, in every language you require.

To find out more about what the SL team can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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